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The Gemini Twins
cast bronze 10” x 5” x 10”each
limited edition of 22

Originally conceived of as Twins and are always sold as a set. The castings go far beyond what I would call “Museum Quality”. I call this treatment of bronze “Jewelry Quality”. They are cast using the traditional Lost Wax Process, and finished by hand. The original inspiration for this set came from depictions of horses in ancient Chinese art. Though twins, the two are not identical. One bears the star patterns for castor while the carries the patterns for Pollux. The yin and yang is symbolic of twins. The hands symbolize the shared star, in myth this is the shared star that connects the twins. They are seen as eternally holding hands in the night sky. The Gemini Twins were the first of a series. Click the button below to see similar pieces.

Lover's Leap, Cast Bronze Sculpture, Contemporary Sculpture

Lover’s Leap
Public Art
Commissioned by Mueller and Associates, CPA, LLC
Loveland, Colorado
Bronze by Merrilee Cleveland
HeArt painted by Mary Schaefer-Benke

Lover’s Leap is currently the largest example from my growing series called “Mercurios”. These whimsical figures grew out of my love for the Kachina dolls, which I became enamored with during the time I lived in the desert southwest. In my series I present characters which I consider to be archetypal, and incise designs on the smooth surfaces which I consider to be inclusive in nature. Lover’s Leap, for example, was inspired by the Fool from the Tarot. He exists without a care, blind to the disasters that he will ultimately experience. His face is designed after an electron diagram, but there are Zero electrons. If you’ve ever found yourself in this mode, you understand what a delightful time in life this is!

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cast bronze
84” x 22” x 22 “
limited edition of 3

Dawn was inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. Dawn is depicted as a goddess, who is both eternal yet ephemeral. Each new passage begins with Dawn bringing about a new day by some mythical action. She symbolizes hope as each new day provides a chance to make new choices.

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